EUTM RCA (Rep.Cen.Afric) (2016-2022)

On the 16th of  July 2016, the European Council launched the EU military Training Mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA), built on the achievements of  EUMAM RCA mission  and expanding beyond it.

The goal of the mission is to support the Central African Armed Forces, by a three-pillar approach: strategic advice, educational as well as operational training pillars.

On the 30th of  July 2018, the Council extended the mandate of  EUTM RCA by two years, until 19 September 2020. The Council modified the mandate of the mission to enable it to give strategic advice to the Ministry of Defence, military staff, the armed forces, as well as the President’s cabinet, to provide advice on civil-military cooperation to the Ministry of the Interior and the Gendarmerie.

From July 2016 until today, the EUROGENDFOR provided between 1 or 2 experts on the mission.

Their main task is to provide advice to CAR Military Authorities on Gendarmerie/Police, Rule of Law, Military Justice and support the Embargo, the DDR (Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration) as well as  SSR (Sector Security Reform) led by MINUSCA.

New EUROGENDFOR assets was deployed the  following  months to advise the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police and the Gendarmerie General Directorates.

More information on the mandate on https:

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