Status of participating Forces

The core of EUROGENDFOR force is made of a gendarmerie forces from the EU Member States. As a principle the organisation is open for cooperation with other States – even from outside the EU.

The various statuses of EGF-membership and their criteria are the following:

  • The EGF Member status: An EU Member State possessing a police force with military status;
  • The EGF Observer status: EU candidate countries that have a police force 
    with military status; EU Member States that have a police force with military status may also apply for the EGF Observer status as a first step to accession;
  • The EGF Partner status: EU Member States and EU candidate countries that 
    have a force with military status and some police skills

A State that is interested in becoming a part of EUROGENDFOR as a first step should address its candidacy to the  Presidency of the High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN).

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