Guarda Nacional Republicana – Member State

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The Portuguese National Republican Guard is a Security Force constituted by military elements, subject to military law and organised in a Special Body of Troops, with jurisdiction throughout the country and territorial sea, to assure the democratic legality, guarantee internal security and citizen’s rights, as well as collaborate in the execution of the national defence policy, in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

Due to its nature and versatility, GNR can be place under the armed forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, being the only public security body with military nature and organisation. Depending on the Minister of Internal Administration, for purposes of recruitment, administration, discipline and execution of the current service of its general mission and on the Minister of National Defence for purposes of uniformisation and normalisation of the military doctrine, armament and equipment.

The units carryout the main GNR activity, whereby they are organised into three hierarchical levels, contemplating one Command Headquarters and HQ Services, 20 district Commands, including the special Coastal Control, Fiscal Action, National Traffic Units, State Security and Honours Unit and another of Intervention and reserve and at lower level detachments, Sub-detachments and police station “post”. The GNR has a total staff of 22.423 military elements and 1,110 civilians, who carry out their missions throughout 94% of the national territory for a 54% of the population or 6 million people. 

In the compass of the international commitments assumed by Portugal and due to its gendarmerie nature, it has come to participate in international peacekeeping missions within the compass of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union throughout the world.

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