Former EUROGENDFOR Commanders

FROM 28/06/2019 to 24/06/2021. Colonel Giuseppe Zirone

FROM: 28/06/2017 to 27/06/2019. Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ (Romanian Jandarmeria)

FROM 26/06/2015 TO 27/06/2017
Brigadier General Philippe Rio (French National Gendarmerie)
FROM 29/06/2011 TO 28/06/2013
Colonel Cornelis Kuijs (The Netherlands Royal Marechaussee)
FROM 28/06/2013 TO 26/06/2015
Colonel Francisco Esteban Pérez (Spanish Guardia Civil)
FROM 26/06/2009 TO 28/06/2011
Colonel Jorge ESTEVES (Portuguese GNR)
FROM 25/01/2005 TO 26/06/2007
Brigadier-General Gerard DEANAZ (French Gendarmerie)
FROM 26/06/2007 TO 25/06/2009
Colonel Giovanni TRUGLIO (Italian Carabinieri)


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