Since the establishment of the European Union Liaison and Planning Unit (EULPC) in April 2015, EUROGENDFOR has deployed a specialist planner from its permanent headquarters in Vicenza.

The current Terms of Reference (TORs) for the EULPC specify that the cell provides security planning support to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). Embedded within EUDEL Libya for its Real Life Support, the cell provides 7 military and 1 Gendarme officer supporting the policing and military elements of UNSMIL Security Institutions Services (SIS).

The TORs for the cell are under review in Brussels and it is likely that they will be formally changed to also include direct support to EEAS, EUDEL Libya and other EU institutions as part of the overarching CSDP. During the interim it is accepted that this is the defacto position and much of the recent work has been focused upon security advice support to EUBAM and EEAS REFIs.  The gendarme post is the LNO to EUBAM and with the recent shift in emphasis by UNSMIL on the security track from Libyan Minister of Defence to Minister of Interior it is likely that this post will increase in importance and relevance.

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