EUROGENDFOR is governed by the High Level Interdepartmental Committee (“CIMIN” standing for “Comité InterMInistériel de haut Niveau”) where each member state is represented.

The CIMIN Presidency is held by each of the members annually and its main function is to ensure the flow of information between CIMIN and EUROGENDFOR Commander and to liaise between CIMIN and Third States and/or International Organisations.

The EUROGENDFOR Commander implements directives received from the CIMIN through its Presidency. He is also the Commander of the Permanent Headquarters (PHQ) in Vicenza, Italy.

In case EUROGENDFOR deploys Forces in an operation, upon CIMIN decision the EUROGENDFOR Commander can act as Operation Commander and the PHQ as EUROGENDFOR Operation HQ.

The  EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters

The  EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters is organised in four main branches (Intelligence, Operations, Plans & Policy and Logistics), two offices (Human Resources and Communication& Information Systems) and additionally the supporting staff.

The PHQ personnel consist of members of a police force with military status assigned by the Parties to the PHQ. Assignment of personnel is according to national regulations – but always from within the gendarmerie type force units.

There are 2 kinds of positions within the structure:

  1.  KEY POSITIONS are manned by rotation criteria among all Member States. Those positions are the Commander and his Deputy, the Chief of Staff and the heads of Intel, Operations, Logistics and Plans & Policy Divisions.
  2. NON-KEY POSITION – positions fixed to relevant Member States
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