MINUSMA SOC&CT ( 2018… )

United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) was established by the UN Security Council resolution 2100 of 25 April 2013 to support political processes in Mali and carry out a number of security-related tasks.

Since February 2018, an EUROGENDFOR Team, called Criminal Intelligence Unit against Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism (CIU SOC&CT) is deployed in Bamako, inside the UNPOL SOC SU (United Nations Police Serious and Organised Crime Support Unit) of the MINUSMA.

It is composed of 9 experts, in charge of mentoring and training the Judiciary Police Specialised Units (Specialised Investigation Brigade (BIS), Judicial Investigation Brigade (BIJ), Judicial Investigation Service (JIS) and Drugs Brigade (BS)), as well as training in the School of National Police and of National Gendarmerie regarding intelligence, analysis, Police databases and Special investigation techniques.

More information on the mandate on https://minusma.unmissions.org/

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