1. Initial contacts
    Bearing in mind a possible EUROGENDFOR rapid deployment (less than 30 days) and in order to speed up the planning process, initial contacts between the relevant body of the mandating IO and the EUROGENDFOR Permanent HQ should be started as soon as possible, when appropriate, in order to assess the feasibility of a possible EUROGENDFOR deployment.
  2. Fact Finding Missions (FFMs)
    Appropriate FFMs will be launched in order to provide the concerned decision making bodies with the necessary information aimed at adopting a pronouncement on the feasibility of a possible future EUROGENDFOR deployment.
  3. Official Request for Intervention
    After the assessing the process about the feasibility of a possible deployment, an official request from the relevant body of the concerned International Organization (IO) should be addressed to CIMIN.
  4. Decision to engage EUROGENDFOR
    No EUROGENDFOR engagement will start unless unanimously agreed by CIMIN; in any case, the contribution to a specific EUROGENDFOR operation by the participating Countries lies with the National Authorities.
  5. Legal basis for action
    The IO concerned will provide the legal basis for the operation, and will facilitate all contacts with the receiving Country, when needed, in order to provide EUROGENDFOR with appropriate legal framework and status of the Force in the mission area
  6. Planning
    The EUROGENDFOR Permanent HQ will keep the leading role in planning the intervention of EUROGENDFOR forces in future crisis management operations (CMO), including:
    When requested, the assistance to the relevant body with the elaboration of the political/strategic planning;
    1. Appropriate planning for the EUROGENDFOR engagement in the CMO;
    2. When applicable, the provision of technical expert advice in the elaboration of other relevant documents (ROE, SOFA, Agreement with IOs);
    3. The management of the Force Generation process for EUROGENDFOR assets and resources.
  7. Appointment of the EUROGENDFOR Force Commander (FCDR)
    The EUROGENDFOR Permanent HQ, in close coordination with the National Points of Contact, will facilitate the process to detect suitable candidate(s) for FCDR position. CIMIN will appoint a FCDR and will communicate its decision to the relevant body of the concerned IO.
  8. Force Generation Process
    The EUROGENDFOR Permanent HQ will constitute the focal point to liaise with all EUROGENDFOR participating Countries through their national points of contact, and with possible third Countries that might be invited to participate, in order to cope with the technical aspects of the force generation process, based on a pre-agreed catalogue of capabilities.
  9. Deployment
    The EUROGENDFOR Permanent HQ will facilitate the deployment and initial running of the future operations by temporarily providing the initial core of the Force HQ, until its complete constitution and acquired capability to run the operation have been achieved.
  10. Follow Up 
    When the EUROGENDFOR PHQ will be called to play the role of an OHQ for a EUROGENDFOR operation, the PHQ will be in the chain of command of such an operation and, therefore, responsible to follow and control the implementation of the operation. In this context an operation room will be activated at the Permanent HQ in order to provide 24/7 service in supporting and backing up the ongoing operation. 
    When the EUROGENDFOR PHQ will not play the role of an OHQ for the EUROGENDFOR intervention. In this situation, EUROGENDFOR’s presence in the area of operations will be a part of a more comprehensive CMO, in particular under the EU aegis. Therefore, the EUROGENDFOR PHQ will not be in the chain of command. Nevertheless the EUROGENDFOR PHQ will be the link between the relevant IOs and EUROGENDFOR-deployed assets as far as the logistics and personnel issues are concerned.
  11. Close Down 
    The decision to close down a EUROGENDFOR operation is a CIMIN responsibility, with the need to establish appropriate co-ordination mechanisms in case of the continuation of the international police presence under the same or a different IO.

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