The added value of EUROGENDFOR

The ability to combine the traditional police capabilities, and the ability to deploy in a non-permissive environment.

added value

Furthermore, its components are able to interact with military forces and, when required, to work under military chain of command.

  • This enables the Force to intervene at an early stage of the crisis, contributing to the protection of civilians and performing police executive missions if required (a significant part of them being represented in the circles on this slide).
  • When the situation is improving, EUROGENDFOR can contribute at an early stage to the Internal Security Forces capacity building through training, Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising (MMA) activities.
  • Later, when the situation is stabilised (or before a crisis, as a preventive measure), the EUROGENDFOR can contribute to the Security Sector Reform (SSR) by mobilising the wide expertise available in its contributing forces.
  • The EUROGENDFOR can also contribute to humanitarian missions, as it was done in support of the MINUSCAH in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake.

Having the capacity to act along a wide spectrum of situation EUROGENDFOR can be considered as a “bridging capacity”, primarily at the service of the CSDP and its institutions, to fill the gap between military operations and traditional civil missions.


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