EUROGENDFOR can rely on the resource of more than 360.000 EU police officers with the large diversity of functions they perform in their home countries.


Since the creation of the European Gendarmerie Force, it has been stated that the EUROGENDFOR states shall identify periodically the dedicated forces in terms of capabilities, carrying out the definitive nominal designation at an appropriate moment.

The EUROGENDFOR Catalogue of General Capabilities provides an updated and realistic overview of the global available for international interventions assets, both under quantitative and qualitative point of views.

Notwithstanding the multinational character of EUROGENDFOR, any engagement of the assets mentioned in the Catalogue remains a National decision.

The Declaration of Intent set the goal of “an initial rapid-reaction capability of approximately 800 persons within 30 days”.

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Moreover, a maximum of 2.300 pax total strength was defined later on by the Countries, following a target defined in the Helsinki capacity catalogue and in the 19 November 2001 Brussels capacity conference.

EUROGENDFOR’s 2016 total catalogue strength is 1345 pax.

Contrary to the goal of 2.300 max personnel strength, the objective of providing a rapid-deployable 800 pax force has always been reached since the EUROGENDFOR foundation.

In 2016, 84.39% of the overall catalogue capacity fulfils the conditions, guaranteeing a fast and credible response from EUROGENDFOR in case of deployment.

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