The European Gendarmerie Force insignia are based on symbolic matching figures representing military status, judicial authority, European mythology, and EUROGENDFOR Member States.
 A first version of the EUROGENDFOR logo (central grenade on a vertical sword and surrounded by twelve stars) was adopted by the CIMIN during the meeting held in Vicenza on 6 September 2005. The insignia were then slightly changed in 2007 when the EUROGENDFOR countries agreed on the removal of the twelve stars. In December 2009 during the CIMIN meeting held in Versailles the CIMIN adopted a low visibility badge.
The general shape of these insignia is the same compared to the current ones carried by Gendarmerie forces of European institutions. It is a “Spanish” type shield, square on top and round at the bottom.
Blue, whose heraldic meaning is truth and loyalty, is also Europe’s official colour.
Eurogendfor Symbols
Gold and silver are noble metals according to the range of heraldic enamels. Additionally yellow or gold symbolises generosity and elevation of the mind, while silver means peace and sincerity.
Geometric Description
LOGOThe topmost part formed of a black rectangle, bearing the word “EUROGENDFOR”, written in block yellow letters. The lower part bears, on a blue background, the following elements:
    • a grey cruciform sword pointing upward;
  • a grey flaming grenade, overlapped by the sword and surrounded by a grey laurel and oak wreath;
The EUROGENDFOR motto “LEX PACIFERAT” in gold colour.
Symbolic Description
On a background of blue sky, the cruciform double-edged sword symbolizes the force. The laurel and oak crown symbolizes the victory, fame and honour. The flaming grenade symbolizes the common military roots of the forces.
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