Permanent Headquarters

The EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters is organised in four main branches (Intelligence, Operations, Plans&Policy and Logistics), two offices (Human Resources and Communication & Information Systems) and additionally the supporting staff. PERMANENT HQ means the multinational, modular and projectable Permanent Headquarters, located in Vicenza (Italy).
PHQ structure
The PHQ personnel consist of members of a police force with military status assigned by the Parties to the PHQ. Assignment of personnel is according to national regulations – but always from within the gendarmerie type force units.
There are 2 kinds of positions within the structure:
  1. KEY POSITIONS are manned by rotation criteria among all Member States. Those positions are Commander and his Deputy, Chief of Staff, Heads of Intel, Operations, Logistics and Plans&Policy Divisions.
  2. NON-KEY POSITION – positions fixed to relevant Member States.
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