Types of training
The training concept is structured on a three level approach completed by a fourth one exclusively dedicated to debriefing and lessons learned, as follows:
– level 1 : generic training for individuals and units with the aim to provide the necessary knowledge to efficiently participate in a crisis management operations and to integrate an IPU;
– level 2 : specific training that intends to prepare individuals/teams/units for their mission by disseminating a detailed overview of the area of operation and mission specific standardized tactics, techniques and procedures;
– level 3 : in-mission training to deliver individual police officers or team/unit members an updated and common understanding about the specificities of the area of operation with a view to standardization; The implementation of special theatre equipment as well as the driving of specific vehicles will be achieved, if needed, during that training period;
– level 4 : debriefing and lessons learned – after a thorough assessment of the overall outcomes,  feedbacks and inputs collected from all actors involved in level 1-3 sessions, it aims at identifying the relevant lessons learned and suggest the appropriate recommended actions in order to enhance and increase the effectiveness of the future trainings.
types of training
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