European Gendarmerie Force participation within MINUSTAH Haiti 2010-2011

After the request made by the UN Security Council, on January the 17th 2010, calling for the deployment of self-sustainable units with crowd control capacities in Haiti. As a direct consequence, the CIMIN Presidency decided to launch the EUROGENDFOR mission in Haiti on the 8th of February 2010.

The engagement in “MINUSTAH” represented the first mission of EUROGENDFOR under UN mandate since its creation in 2004. A landmark in the development of the organization which certifies EUROGENDFOR as a credible and valid tool, ready to be used by the main International Organizations while dealing with Crisis Management Operations.

Following the UN Security Council Resolution nº 1892, the European Gendarmerie Force deployed in Haiti one French and one Italian Formed Police Unit (FPU), that along with the Spanish Special Weapons and Tactics Platoon performed the commitments of supporting the UN Civilian Police activities, controlling the crowds and public order, assisting the Haitian National Police and the Humanitarian Agencies and other organizations acknowledged by the United Nations. Besides, EUROGENDFOR contributed to the reconstruction process as well as in the political elections and its campaign held in November December 2010. On November 2011 the EUROGENDFOR Member States decided to withdraw the assets deployed in Haiti at the conclusion of the elections declaring the disengagement from MINUSTAH.

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