EUROGENDFOR participates on the Italian National Day Ceremony

Italian National Day 2012

A EUROGENDFOR delegation participates in the celebration parade in Rome for commemorating the “66th Italian Republic Day”.

The Ceremony, presided over by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano accompanied by the President of the Council of Ministers and other high officers of State, commemorates the institutional referendum held in 1946 in which the Italian people chose the current form of the Italian Government.

Italian National Day 2012

Via dei Fori Imperiali, a privileged spot in the core of imperial Rome, hosted a military and police parade in honor of the Italian Republic. Three thousand four hundred women and men from the different branches of the Italian Army along with Police corps and other State organizations marched in a parade during the ceremony.

EUROGENDFOR was represented by Officers and Warrant Officers, from the Permanent Headquarters located in Vicenza (Italy), who paraded escorting the EUROGENDFOR flag in a troop composed of several International Organizations like UNFIL (UN mission in Lebanon) EUFOR and NATO.

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