EUROGENDFOR Commander awarded with a Romanian emblem of merit

On 2 April, on the invitation of the General Inspector, Colonel Mircea OLARU, the EUROGENDFOR Commander attended the Romanian Jandarmeria Day ceremonies. The 163rd anniversary was celebrated in the Jandarmeria General Inspectorate in Bucharest, in the presence of Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives Valeriu ZGONEA, Prime Minister Victor PONTA, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel OPREA, two ministers and several other high level authorities.

The Commander delivered a speech in which he underlined the importance for Romania of their membership within EUROGENDFOR. Furthermore he complimented the authorities for their efforts to contribute to police missions in different theatres, and for the professional qualities and language skills of Jandarmeria personnel.

During the ceremony, Chairman of the House of Representatives ZGONEA issued the Emblema de merit ‘În slujba păcii’ (Emblem of merit ‘in the service of peace’) to Colonel Cornelis KUIJS as a reward for his constant support and contribution to the international promotion of the Romanian Jandarmeria. This honourable distinctive was granted to him by the General Inspector.

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