Professional intervention training in Sikasso (Mali)

From 19 to 24 June 2016, a Mobile Evaluation Training and Advice Team (EMFEC) from EUCAP Sahel Mali deployed to the Malian region of Ségou to provide a training program for 20 judicial police officers in order to enhance their knowledge of forensic science within a framework of a Judicial Police and the fight against terrorism.

EUCAP Sahel Advisor and National Guard Unit Chiefs

In light of the acceptance and positive input received, EUCAP Sahel Mali mission trainers conducted for the second time an EMFEC in the town of Sikasso (Mali) from 2 to 7 October 2016.

End-of-course picture at Segou

EMFEC experts trained, advised and evaluated teams created by the EUCAP SAHEL Mali mission to respond to the different needs of the security forces of Mali. In this occasion 33 Malian Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) from the Police, Gendarmerie, and National Guard participated in the training conducted by expert instructors Major Gabriel FOTESCU (Romanian Jandarmeria), and NCO Andrea PAIN (Italian Carabinieri), both specialized in police technical intervention procedures. Both experts were deployed in the EUCAP mission within the framework of the EUROGENDFOR contribution.

EMFEC daily activity


During the training, the police officers demonstrated immobilization techniques employing physical force and other coercive measures, as well as handcuffing, patting down techniques, patrol procedures, verbal intervention, defensive tactics, and building search and entry procedures. The techniques learned by the Malian NCOs will allow them to address conflicting situations with a minimum use of force guarantying the safety and protection of all parties involved. The Malian NCOs shared their daily experiences, and could contrast the techniques shown with those already in use by them.

WO Andrea PAIN demonstrating immobilizing techniques

A final exercise, supervised by the keen eye of instructor Andrea PAIN, involved the application of the techniques learned in a simulated intervention patrol called upon to settle a dispute among armed drunken people.

Malian gendarmes practicing patting-down techniques


Andrea PAIN is a 40-years-old Italian Carabinieri instructor belonging to the 7th Carabinieri Regiment of Laives (Bolzano). From 1999 to 2015, he has participated in international missions in Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, and Libya.

In March 2015, Andrea PAIN, successfully passed the selection process for the EUCAP SAHEL Mali Mission, and after a 3-day pre-deployment training course at the EUROGENDFOR Headquarters in Vicenza, he was deployed in Mali as a public order and technical intervention trainer.

WO Andrea PAIN
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