EUROGENDFOR change-of-command ceremony

On 27 June 2017, in the Headquarters “Generale Antonio Chinotto” located in Vicenza (Italy), was held the change of command ceremony between the current Commander of the European Gendarmerie Force, Brigadier General Philippe RIO (French Gendarmerie) and Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ (Romanian Gendarmerie).

Parade formation

During the ceremony, witnessed by numerous provincial and regional authorities, the flag of the city of Vicenza (twice awarded the Medal of Military Valour) received the highest honours.

Vicenza flag

The ceremony was presided by the President of the High-Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN), Lieutenant General Pablo MARTIN ALONSO (Spanish Guardia Civil), who reviewed the international troop formation along with Major General Detalmo MEZZAVILLA (Italian Carabinieri) and the outgoing EUROGENDFOR Commander, Brigadier General Philippe RIO.

Troop review

During the ceremony, an emotive wreath was placed by the flags in memory of our fallen comrades.


After Lieutenant General MARTIN ALONSO, the outgoing Commander Brigadier General RIO, and the incoming Commander Colonel GAVRILĂ addressed the audience with their speeches, the ceremony concluded with the offering of the EUROGEDFOR flag to Colonel GAVRILĂ as a symbol of his newly acquired responsibilities.

EGF Flag change

We wish to thank General RIO for the excellent job performed during his two-year tenure at EUROGENDFOR and the best of wishes in his future assignments.

We also wish Coronel GAVRILĂ the best of success in his new position as Commander of EUROGENDFOR.

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