10 Years of History. Celebrating the European Gendarmerie Force Anniversary

10th Anniversary Logo

On 13 December 2017, the European Gendarmerie Force’s 10th Anniversary took place in the Guardia Civil Officer’s School located in the Royal place of Aranjuez (Madrid)

EGF Representation

Besides the European Gendarmerie Force Commander, Colonel Lucian Gavrilă, the military ceremony was attended, amongst others, by the following authorities:

Spain was represented by the General Director of the Guardia Civil, Mr. Juan Manuel Holgado Merino; by Lieutenant General Laurentino Ceña Coro, Head of the Guardia Civil’s Territorial Operations Command; by Lieutenant General Fernando Santafé Soler, Head of the Investigation and Cybercrime Command; by Brigadier General Francisco Javier Alvarado Díaz, Head of the Personnel and Formation Command; by Brigadier General Francisco Esteban Pérez, Head of the Personnel Division, and former Commander of the European Gendarmerie Force; by Brigadier General José Luis Arranz Villafruela, Head of the Guardia Civil’s Madrid Autonomous Region Command; and by Brigadier General Pedro Garrido Roca, Head of the Guardia Civil’s International Cooperation Section.


Italy was represented by the Commander of the Carabinieri Mobile Unit Division, Major General Maurizio Detalmo Mezzavilla, and Brigadier General Lorenzo D’Addagio, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

For France, the representation consisted of Lieutenant General François Gieré, French Gendarmerie Director of Operations and Doctrine, and Ms Elise Doucerain, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Portugal was represented by the Guarda Nacional Republicana’s General Commander, Major General Manuel Mateus Costa da Silva Couto.

Romania counted with the presence of the Romanian Gendarmerie General Inspector, Colonel Sebastian Gheorghe Cucoş.

Poland was represented by the Military Gendarmerie Colonel Marek Maik.

Lithuania was represented by the Security Public Service General Commander, General Ričardas Pocius.

Turkey was represented by the Jandarma Brigadier General Nurettin Alkan.

Polish Gendarmerie Colonel Jarosław Kołomyjski, President of the Financial Council, represented the CIMIN’s Financial Committee.

Gendarmeries' Representation

When all represented forces were present on the parade grounds, a delegation of the European Gendarmerie Force’s Permanent Headquarters joined the formation carrying the unit’s flag.

EGF flag enters the parade grounds

The celebration was officially inaugurated by the arrival of the Guardia Civil’s General Director, who paraded the formed forces.

Guardia Civil General Director arrives
Guardia Civil's Director parades the forces
EGF Formation

The celebration continued with a speech by the European Gendarmerie Force Commander, Colonel Lucian Gavrilă, followed by a discourse delivered by the Guardia Civil’s General Director.

EGF Commander's Speech
Guardia Civil's General Director Speech

Moments later, an emotive act in remembrance of our fallen comrades took place with a final volley of shots by the Honours Platoon.

Honours to the fallen comrades
Volley of shots

The ceremony concluded with the European Gendarmerie Force’s Flag exiting the parade grounds.

The flag exits the parade grounds
CDR congratulates the flag escort
The end
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