Change of Command Ceremony

“I am proud of the work you have done and will do for the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters, for the International Organizations, for the Member States’ citizens, and for the people of the European Union”.

With these words, Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ, from the Romanian Gendarmerie, 7th Commander of the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters, marked the Change of Command ceremony of the European Gendarmerie Force, celebrated today in Vicenza, at the “Ten. Gen. A. Chinotto” barracks.

In the presence of the Member States’ Gendarmeries Commanders or their representatives, of civilian and military authorities, and previous EUROGENDFOR Commanders, Colonel GAVRILĂ handed over the command to the Colonel of the Italian Carabinieri Giuseppe ZIRONE.

The Italian Carabinieri Lieutenant General Riccardo AMATO, Commander of the Mobile and Specialized Units “Palidoro”, and Brigadier General Laurent HENDRICKX, from the Dutch Koninklijke Marechaussee, representing the President of the High-Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN), reviewed the multinational formation, along with the outgoing EUROGENDFOR Commander.

As General HENDRICKX underlined, during his two-year tour of duty, Colonel GAVRILĂ together with his staff successfully developed strong partnerships with a wide spectrum of international institutions in the area of supporting crisis management. Moreover, his staff supported many European Union activities in ensuring the effective and efficient processing of planning, training and evaluating.

Colonel GAVRILĂ took also the opportunity to praise his staff for their high professionalism, dedication and sincere commitment to EUROGENDFOR. He emotionally remembered the fallen comrades that lost their life to help improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan under EUROGENDFOR flag: “To them and to their families I give my salute and my gratitude”, he said.

The European Gendarmerie Force represents a concrete example of cooperation amongst seven European countries (France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain, with Lithuania as a partner member and Turkey as an observer member), which have made available to the international community a multinational police structure to be used mainly in peace support operations and missions.

To Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ, our thanks are due for the excellent organization of the work set up in the past two years, whereby the Permanent Headquarters of the European Gendarmerie Force achieved extraordinary results. A sincere wish for the continuation of his brilliant career.

To Colonel Giuseppe ZIRONE, our best wishes for success.

Lieutenant General Riccardo AMATO (front right), Brigadier General Laurent HENDRICKX (front left), and Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ (back).
Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ (left), Brigadier General Laurent HENDRICKX (center), and Colonel Giuseppe ZIRONE (right).
Transfer of Command to Colonel Giuseppe ZIRONE.
The EUROGENDFOR flag returns to formation.
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