Liaison Officer to Law Enforcement Agencies/Collation Intel Specialist at EUFOR HQ – Camp Butmir (Sarajevo)

The mission of the EUROGENDFOR Officer assigned to this position within the EUFOR HQ J2 Branch is to provide the Mission Commander (COMEUFOR) with fused and timely intelligence to maintain enhanced situational awareness and to support the building of a Safe And Secure Environment (SASE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The J2 Branch coordinates EUFOR intelligence, security and counter-intelligence matters. This Officer assists with the management of the Joint Operation Information and Intelligence System (JOIIS) database, assists with the NATO Intel Toolbox (NITB) database, as well as reading, sorting, analysing, extracting and exploiting of all information related to Political, Military, Economical, Social, Infrastructure and Information (PMESII) domains for input into JOIIS. More specifically, as a Gendarmerie/Police Officer, he is tasked to liaise with the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) BiH-wide in order to collect and exchange information in relation with the SASE.

During the four last weeks, he was tasked to get accurate and timed information concerning following topics:

– Illegal crossing of migrants entering BiH territory and security the situation in the reception facilities (for example the mass fight involving approximately 250 migrants in “BIRA” reception centre in the vicinity of the town of Bihac, with 40 migrants and 2 police officers injured).

– Daily protest “Justice for David” in Banja Luka (murder case for which the organizers, parents of David and supporters of this movement, are accusing the Republika Srpska (Bosnia Serbian entity) authorities and especially the Ministry of Interior of the Republika Srpska to be responsible of the murder and of not conducting proper investigations).

– Evolution of the political situation with ongoing tensions within the tripartite presidency, creating issues in fulfilling requests for EU and NATO future accession. As a consequence of those tensions the House of People is still not settled up since the last general elections in October 2018. Nowadays, the main issue is the approval of the 2019 budget which cannot be made without the House Of People, and so may generate protests by farmers, veterans, and other public employees who get their allocations and salaries from this budget.

On 4 and 5 February, Operation Commander General Sir James Everard, from SHAPE visited Camp Butmir, and during the medal parade organised for the occasion, the EUROGENDFOR Officer was awarded the EUFOR ALTHEA Operation Medal.

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