Handover ceremony of the European Gendarmerie Force command from Portugal to The Netherlands

On 28 June 2011 Colonel Jorge Esteves (Guarda Nacional Republicana, Portugal) handed over his position as the European Gendarmerie Force Commander to Colonel Cornelis KUIJS LLD (Royal Marechaussee, The Netherlands)in Caserma “Generale Chinotto” in Vicenza, Italy.

Chaired by the president of the High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN, the EUROGENDFOR decision making body), Lieutenant-General Candido Cardiel Ojer (Guardia Civil, Spain), for this ceremony gathered the commanding generals / general-directors of the six EUROGENDFOR members, the representatives of EUROGENDFOR observer Turkey, and EUROGENDFOR partners Lithuania and Poland. Several local and Carabinieri authorities as well as family members of EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters (PHQ) staff were present.

The EUROGENDFOR flag, a Carabinieri fanfare, the members of the EUROGENDFOR PHQ, a platoon of EUROGENDFOR member delegates, and a Carabinieri platoon, took part in this perfectly mastered parade in which honors were given to the member state flags and the fallen comrades.

After his address, Lieutenant-General Ojer handed over the EUROGENDFOR flag from colonel Esteves to colonel Kuijs.

In his address colonel Esteves thanked the PHQ staff for its support, dedication and achievements during his two years of command. Colonel Kuijs addressed the audience stating his intention to go forth in further developing this unique European policing instrument, and addressed the Host Nation in Italian, thanking them for its supporting role.

After the ceremony a luncheon reception took place in which all authorities and guests participated.

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