EUROGENDFOR contribution to NATO police operational mentoring and liaison team training in Saint-Astier (France)

Representatives from the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters have participated in the organization and management of the police operational mentoring and liaison teams (POMLT’s) training – phase II – held on April 2012 at the French Gendarmerie National Training Center in Saint – Astier (France).

The event was attended by 82 officers from several gendarmerie and police forces (16 Albania, 6 Croatia, 10 France, 8 Lithuania, 30 Netherland, 12 Norway), as well as by 10 police officers belonging to the Afghan National Police (ANP) and 8 interpreters.

The aim of the training was to prepare POMLTs for their mentoring mission by disseminating standardized instructions on ANP Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, training principles and police mentoring techniques for ANPs, with a focus on operating in a Counter Insurgency and Counter – Improvised Explosive Device environment, as well as the knowledge of coordination and interaction with Afghan National Security Forces, ISAF and EUPOL Afghanistan.

EUROGENDFOR has been fully committed to International Community’s endeavor in Afghanistan – and specifically to the Afghan Police Forces’ training and mentoring – since 2009 providing NATO with police expertise for the development of the POMLT concept for Afghanistan, actively participating in the training of those POMLT personnel that are to be deployed overseas, and running three training centers in Afghanistan for the enhancement of the Afghan Police Forces’ standards.

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