Tribute to Fallen Comrades

The 18th of October is a special date for all members of the European Gendarmerie Force Permanent Headquarters since the anniversary of its constitution is celebrated.

This year, the sixth anniversary after the signature of the European Gendarmerie Force foundation Treaty, EUROGENDFOR Day was celebrated with a military parade, during which both the European Union and EUROGENDFOR flags were hoisted.

The fallen comrades were paid an emotional tribute presided by the Director of the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU), Italian Carabinieri Brigadier General Paolo NARDONE and the Commander of EUROGENDFOR, Spanish Guardia Civil Colonel Francisco ESTEBAN PÉREZ.

The latter reviewed the successful past contribution of the Institution to international stabilization and security in Bosnia, Haiti and Afghanistan and committed to short-term engagement next year, placing EUROGENDFOR’s capabilities at the disposal of any international organizations requiring its added value.

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