Training for the new EUROGENDFOR Coordinator in Afghanistan for 2014

Next EGF Coordinator (second from the right) with PHQ Staff

During the 8th and the 9th of January 2014 the next EUROGENDFOR Coordinator in the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan (NTM-A) for this year attended his Induction Training session at the EGF Permanent Headquarters.The incoming EGF Coordinator, Italian Carabinieri Colonel Nicola MANGIALAVORI, in addition to his wide experience in international missions (Libya, Afghanistan, Eritrea, etc.) is also a close relative of EUROGENDFOR family, being assigned as EGF IPU Commander in Haiti in 2010 and participating in several EGF Exercises.All members of the PHQ Staff have assisted in the training process by briefing Colonel MANGIALAVORI in EUROGENDFOR recent engagement and new challenges for NTM-A, as well as updating his knowledge of the EGFmethodology with the ongoing projects and next future plans.Colonel MANGIALAVORI is shortly replacing Italian Carabinieri Colonel Filippo CALISTI who has reached highly appreciated achievements and contributed valuable lessons learned to the EGF involvement in Afghanistan. In this line, the new EGF Coordinator will undoubtedly provide the mission with fresh expertise and renewed commitment.

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