The EUROPEAN GENDARMERIE FORCE commemorates this year the Seventh anniversary of its foundation, established upon the signature of the Treaty of Velsen, by humbly but emotionally holding its traditional EUROGENDFOR Day parade on the eighteenth of October.It has come a long way, but as EUROGENDFOR Commander ESP Guardia Civil Colonel FRANCISCO ESTEBAN PÉREZ highlighted during his address, the Institution can “now say without any fear that standing still or slipping backwards will not happen, because we have been moving forward and quickly”.The challenges of the European Gendarmerie are being undertaken with decision and strength, enabling the Organization to take part in European Union agreements and projects of paramount relevance, such as the EUCAP Mali and the EUFOR Central African Republic missions, and to play active roles in international cooperation forums where EUROGENDFOR’s potential is being increasingly regarded. The EUROGENDFOR Commander appreciated the Permanent Headquarters staff and the Host Nation’s contribution to these achievements.Our fallen comrades, ever-present among us and encouraging EUROGENDFOR daily efforts towards our commitment, were respectfully honoured during EGF Day 2014. 

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