24th CIMIN meeting in Bucharest

Meeting in the Palace of Parliament

 The 24th CIMIN Meeting took place on 11th of December 2015, in Bucharest at the Palace of Parliament, under the Romanian Presidency.

 The meeting was opened by two Romanian high officials: Mr. Petre TOBA, Minster of Internal Affairs, and Mr. Radu PODGOREAN, Secretary of State within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 The in-depth discussions referred to the European Gendarmerie Force key activities and involvements, such as strengthening the cooperation with international organisations and analysing ongoing and potential operational engagements of EUROGENDFOR. Important decisions were taken during the meeting, especially concerning the consolidation of the relation with the European Union and the preparation of future deployments.

 Representatives from United Nations Department of Peace-keeping Operations / Police Division and from the European External Action Service /Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability attended the CIMIN Meeting. They described, for both organisations, the current cooperation with the EUROGENDFOR as well as the opportunities for future development on this topic.

 The meeting gave the opportunity to measure the progresses accomplished by the EUROGENDFOR in the last years, the significant development of its activities and deployments in crisis management operations, as well as its future challenges. Currently EUROGENDFOR is actively participating in in Crisis Management Operations in Afghanistan, Mali and Central African Republic.

 In addition, an essential document for EUROGENDFOR was signed during the meeting: the Host Nation Agreement, which details the status of the Force Permanent headquarter based in Vicenza (Italy).

The closing ceremony included the CIMIN Presidency handover from Romania to Italy.

Presidency Handover

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