The European Gendarmerie Force Day 2016

On 18 October 2016, the European Gendarmerie Force celebrated the ninth anniversary since its creation with a ceremony hosted at the site of its Permanent Headquarters in Vicenza (Italy).

The ceremony was directed by EGF’s Commander Brigadier General Philippe RIO, and was attended by military and civilian authorities.

After the EGF flag entered the grounds and joined the parade formed by members of the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units, the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (NATO SP COE), and the European Gendarmerie Force itself, a wreath was presented in memory of fallen comrades, especially the Major José M. GALERA CORDOBA and Lieutenant Abraham L. BRAVO PICALLO, of the Spanish Guardia Civil, killed in action in Afghanistan on 25/8/2010, and Appuntato Scelto Manuele BRAJ, of the Italian Carabinieri, also killed in Afghanistan on 25/6/2012.

The EGF’s Commander proceeded, then, to award Major Sergio PIZZICONI of the Italian Carabinieri, with the French National Defence Medal, for his years of efforts alongside the French Gendarmerie in dismantling a trans-border criminal organization dedicated to extortion, prostitution, smuggling of migrants, and drug trafficking.

The ceremony was concluded by the Commander’s speech, wherein he emphasized the role of the EGF in the stabilization of crisis under the umbrella of the United Nations, European Union and NATO, in missions in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Mali, and the EU planning cell for Lybia, as well as the training capacity provided to the EU mission in Ukraine and the planning for the EU missions in Rafah and Georgia.

To read the speech, please, visit: EGF Day 2016 Speech

EGF's Flag enters the parade ground

The EGF’s flag enters the parade ground

EU and EGF flags raising

The EU and EGF flags were raised during the ceremony

Saluting our fallen comrades

Our fallen comrades are always on our minds

Medal awarding

Brigadier General Philippe RIO (right) awards Major Sergio PIZZICONI with the French National Defence Medal

CDR's Speech

The EGF Commander delivered a closing speech

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