EGF in the celebration of the Romanian Army’s Day

His Excellency the Romanian Ambassador, Mr. George Bologan, hosted the celebration of the Romanian Army’s Day in the Embassy premises in Rome. The Romanian Army’s Day, which takes place every year on October 25, is a tribute to the deeds and sacrifice of more than 520,000 Romanian troops during the Second World War in Europe.

Romanian Army's Day Reception

The event was attended, among other, by high-ranking Officials from the Italian Ministries; by Military Attachés and members of the Diplomatic Corps of different countries accredited in Italy. Romanian Authorities, including the President of the Defence Commission of the Romanian Parliament, Mr. Dorel Gheorghe Căprar, the Romanian Defence Attaché, Colonel Mugurel Vasile, and the Commander of the European Gendarmerie Force, Colonel Lucian Gavrilă assisted the event in representation of their country.

Meeting with Ambassador

Ambassador George Bolognan (left) converses with Colonel Gavrilă

During the event, Ambassador George Bologan had a meeting with the Mr. Căprar, and with Colonel Lucian Gavrilă, during which it was stressed that the presence of high-ranking Italian and Romanian Officials in this event sent a strong message to Romania’s allied countries regarding its commitment to contributing to the EU and NATO external border protection.

Meeting with Ambassador

Colonel Gavrilă (left), Mr. Căprar, and Ambassador Bolognan

CDR and Ambassador

Colonel Gavrilă presents Ambassador Bologan with the European Gendarmerie Force medal

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