Visit to the C3N

Withinthe framework of a wide project of the European Delegation for Tunisia (EUDELTunisia) and the French operator of the Minister of Interior (CIVIPOL), and managed by the European Gendarmerie Force, in an effort to increase the Tunisian National Guard’s (TNG) capacities to fight against the terrorist threat, three experts from the TNG travelled to Paris from 7 to 10 of August, to visit the Counter Cyber Criminality Numerical (C3N) Department of the French National Gendarmerie.

This C3N Department covers three main areas of operation, to witch:
Judicial Investigations: 35 French Officers are in charge of investigating the link between crimes in the cyberspace by using specialized tools, with which they perform a constant, proactive surveillance (via web, social networks, dark web, community networks, etc…). These investigations are carried under anonymous IDs, protected by the French law.
Operational support: The C3N coordinates 2000 investigators in a specialized network called “Cybergend”. These investigators are supported in their job by Cyber-support tools, such as software for fast information extraction from computers or cellular phones; applications for geo-localization of data, etc. The three Tunisian experts received formation on how to better organise their Cyber-crime Department in Tunis, while paving the way for the exchange of knowledge between both countries to enhance international cooperation. In fact, this visit was just the preamble to a training program in favour of the TNG about countering cyber-crime, which will be conducted in Tunisia in the coming month by the European Gendarmerie Force.
Intelligence: The C3N keeps an eye on the emergent criminal phenomena (modus operandi, typology of authors/victims, etc.) to prepare an optimal operational answer at local levels. The information pool is enriched thanks to numerous contact knotted with partners within and without France .

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