The European Gendarmerie Force celebrated the eight Anniversary of its foundation with the customary EUROGENDFOR Day parade held in the Caserma Chinotto Headquarters on October 19.

 During his speech, EGF Commander Philippe RIO stressed the valuable contribution of the Stability Policing Community to Crisis Management Operations, appreciating the fruitful cooperation between EUROGENDFOR, the Carabinieri Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU), and the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence.

 He also highlighted the role of Gendarmeries in representing, throughout history, the values of peace and democracy in areas endangered by violence and disorder. This role is now more present than ever, as Gendarmeries continuously evolve to face emerging crises: the asylum seeking escalade, transnational terrorism and illegal immigration networks are clear illustrations of how essential Gendarmeries are becoming to prevent and fight current threats.

EUROGENDFOR fallen comrades were rendered a profound tribute, and borne ever-present as guiding lights to our efforts and challenges.

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