Italian representatives to the NATO parliamentarian Assembly visit the Vicenza Stability Policing Hub

On 11 July, an Italian party from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly were welcomed in Vicenza Chinotto Barracks by the Carabinieri General Commander, where they visited the 3 Stability Policing actors:

–          The NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (SP COE), dedicated to NATO training, doctrine and lessons learned;

–          The Italian lead Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units, dedicated to United Nations training and doctrine;

–          The European Gendarmerie Force Permanent Headquarters (EUROGENDFOR PHQ), dedicated to planning and conduct of Crisis Management operations, missions and projects in support of the European Union and other International Organisations: United Nations, NATO and OSCE.

The Italian parliamentarians, led by Mr Andrea MANCIULLI, President of the Italian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary assembly, were welcomed by theCarabinieri General Commander, Lieutenant General Tullio DEL SETTE.

While the EUROGENDFOR Commander highlighted the role of the developing Stability Policing Hub of Vicenza in the mitigating of the transnational threats – including terrorism, illegal trafficking and massive smuggling of migrants – to the security of the EU populations, Mr MANCIULLI stressed the fundamental role of the Interior Security Forces within the foreign policies of the European States: “the increasing presence of asymmetric threats obliges to consider all the instabilities, even the smaller ones, which can have international security consequences”.

From left to right, the 3 leaders of the Vicenza Stability Policing Hub: the CoESPU Director (B.General BARBANO), the EUROGENDFOR Commander (B.General RIO) and the SPCOE Director (Col. PARIS).

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